$104k in scholarships awarded for 4-H, Youth Fair

by / 0 Comments / 121 View / June 25, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt

Bell County Commissioners met Tuesday morning for a meeting that was rescheduled from their regular Monday meeting to discuss and consider agenda items. Before the agenda items were discussed, the minutes of June 6 meeting were considered and approved unanimously.
The courtroom was unusually packed this week with students as they were awarded scholarships for their hard work this past year and years past in 4-H and youth fair. Lindsey Strait, Jackie McLaughlin, and Lyle Zoeller awarded 14 scholarships totaling $104,000 in both Bell County Youth Fair Scholarships and Texas 4-H Scholarships. Some students even won scholarships from both the county and the state.
“Congratulations! This is the ninth year for the scholarship program,” said Judge Richard Cortese.
The consideration to enter a 25-year easement agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to allow public access to Belton Lake at the Cen-Tex Sportsman Club boat ramp was approved. Cen-Tex Sportsman Club will maintain the road, ramp, drainage, repairs and the dock.
“This will take care of the long-term lease, we should be good for a while,” remarked Judge Jon Burrows.
The commissioners approved the resolution supporting Cultural Designation for The Village of Salado. The Public Art League of Salado (P.A.L.S) will receive grants for signage and “brick and mortar” grants for an incubator for local artists.
Lhoist North America and Killeen Crushed Stone were approved to be awarded the last of four six-month renewals for the Bridge and Road Department. They will be the awarded vendors to supply base materials.
Also approved was for the County Auditor to advertise for proposals for the Inmate Phone Services at Bell County Jail Facilities.
The surplus auction held by Bell County on May 21 announced they earned $8,764.70 from the sale of surplus property. The surplus property sold was only small furnishings and did not include vehicles.
The considerations to ratify the Partial Release of Right of the First Refusal on the Mehta property was approved. This property had a groundbreaking last week and will be the site of a new hotel located by the Bell County Expo Center.