1st Mayoral candidate announces plans to run

by / 0 Comments / 124 View / February 7, 2014

By David Tuma


Belton’s First Candidate for Mayor announced their plans to run in the upcoming May elections on Wednesday on the steps of Belton City Hall.

Marion Grayson, the current Mayor Pro Tem, announced she will file for the Mayor position when the filing period begins next Wednesday. If elected, Grayson would become Belton’s first female mayor since the city was founded 164 years ago.

First elected to the city council in 2004, and selected as Mayor Pro Tem in 2008, Grayson has been active in the Belton community, serving as Belton Chamber Chairman of the Board, board member for the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization, and former district director and board member of the Texas Municipal league.

Grayson is a longtime resident of Belton, and through the years has been involved with many boards and committees that involved the betterment of Belton through strategic planning or promotion.  Over the years she has become as much the face of Belton as the current Mayor Jim Covington.

“The diversity of the organizations I have been involved with have given me great insight in Belton and our position as it relate to the county and state growth,” Grayson said. “Belton’s population continues to grow due to the excellent schools, our quality of place, and our central location.  And with that comes challenges as well as opportunities.”

Grayson and her husband, Danny, have four children and five grandchildren.

“I love Belton and I would not do anything to mess that up,” Grayson said. “I will be Ok with the public’s choice for major. My heart is with the community and what is best for Belton.”