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Pleasant Ramblings: Under Warranty

By Mark Magnan Have you ever wondered how and why there are time limits set for repairing something that is made that you buy? Obviously there are certain things that are not going to last long, so there should be…

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First Baptist hosts 45th annual God & Country concert

By Lindsay Starr Platt Correspondent First Baptist Belton church hosted its annual “God and Country” concert for the 45th year on Sunday. The church had 1,000 seats available and it was a full house and a few standing still to…

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Declaration reading honors nation

By Katherine Gibbs Correspondent In honor of our nation’s 240 anniversary the Texas criminal defense lawyers association organized a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Bell County courthouse on July 1. The reading started in 2010 with just…

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Families of onlookers keep tradition alive by attending annual parade

By Katherine Gibbs Correspondent Tradition. That is what the Belton parade means for a lot of people. Most of the spectators have been coming since they were kids and now they bring their own families to carry on that tradition….

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