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Cooke quietly takes Belton youth golf scene by storm

By Tony Adams Sports Editor Chandler Cooke isn’t caught up in the baseball playoffs this summer and is not quite ready to put the golf clubs away yet for the football pads of Belton Tigers Youth Football in the fall….

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Fighting apiphobia via hive management

Special to the Journal Apiphobes are people who are terrified of bees, who see a bee and cannot contain their fear. Maybe they are truly allergic, or maybe, they were just trained from a young age to be afraid. Most…

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Thirteen-year-old Belton boy becomes youngest auctioneer in Texas

Special to the Journal A fast-talking 13-year-old from Belton is the youngest licensed auctioneer in the state. For Thomas Gallaway the lightning fast pace comes easy — auctioneering is the family “bidness.” His father Trey Gallaway graduated the Texas Auction…

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Granny Died

Dear Sue Ellen, My Granny passed away, we took our five-year-old daughter, Mia, to the funeral and now she is having nightmares about Granny. Last week, Mia asked her grandmother (my mom) if she was going to die. Needless to…

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Ask, Seek, Knock

There is a great deal going on in our world that seems to be new. But in reality, we are dealing with many of the same issues that we have always dealt with as humans. The forms or manifestations of…

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On RV Camping

I bought my first, and so far, only travel trailer back in 2007: a pop-up camper. I thought about the purchase for several years before making the decision to buy it, because I wanted to be sure I had the…

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