21-year officer retires from Belton PD

by / 0 Comments / 150 View / August 4, 2016

By Katherine Gibbs

Family and friends of Officer Richard Murray met for a retirement reception on July 14 at the Belton police department. Working in law enforcement was what Murray wanted to do since he was a kid, which is why he has served in law enforcement for almost 21 years and was only one month short.
For the last four years his partner was a German Shephard named Chico and before he worked with Chico he was a detective. After working in law enforcement for all those years, your colleagues become like a family and not seeing them every day on the job will be different. “I’ll miss the people,” said Murray. His co-workers share the same sentiment as they line up to give him farewell hugs and laugh together.
Deputy Chief Larry Berg has worked with Murray for the past 20 years and will miss living life together and catching bad guys together. “We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, we’ve prayed together and it’s more a family than anything,” said Berg.
“I’ve had a good career,” said Murray as he gets pulled away to talk to more of his fellow officers and friends.
Chico is being donated to the Harker Heights police department where he will work with a new partner whose K-9 retired.