50 teams race through H-E-B to fill food banks

by / 0 Comments / 99 View / December 2, 2013

By Grayson Edds
Managing Editor

This year’s 19th annual Thanksgiving Day Rally drew 50 teams, all of whom raced down the aisles of H-E-B, pulling items and filling their baskets.
The teams gathered in front of H-E-B at 6 a.m. On Tuesday in a community effort to help stock the local food banks with enough food for the holidays.
Minutes before the teams were released with their basket into the store, they were provided a list of specific items to buy.

As they rushed the store aisles, baskets clinked and commands were given on what to grab. Some teams stuck together. Some teams divided up, sending teammates down different aisles, hoping to find each other on the other side.
But not only did teams have to find the items on their list, they also had to earn their turkey. Wandering the aisles was a giant turkey – an employee (perhaps?) in a head-to-toe cooked turkey costume. And, yes, you had to dance like a turkey for your team’s, well, turkey.
When their list was complete, teams headed to the front of the store where you could hear a flurry of beeps from cash registers. Their ultimate goal was to be one of the first three teams across the register line with exactly the right inventory, which would equal no more and no less than $50. Accidentally grab the wrong brand of green beans or the wrong size bag of flour? The difference in pennies between items just cost you the title.
By 6:30 a.m., the winners were ready to be announced: the Art Club, Lakewood Elementary and Tyler Elementary.
Trucks waited outside to load the goods and take them to the local food banks, just in time for Thanksgiving.