First BHS concert featuring 12 all-region performers

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By Carissa Flores, Correspondent

Pictured above: 12 of the 16 All-Region performers. Mariah Montgomery, Julie Johnson, Emma Merideth, Annie Bailey, Sydney Fox, Julia Wagner, Gwyneth Sachsenmaier, Elizabeth DeVault, Antoinette Lynne, Sethen Corlew, Ethan Wong, and Celia Bowen.  


On Tuesday, October 24, parents, students, and music enthusiasts gathered to watch the Belton High School Orchestra Band. The concert is one of four that happens throughout the school year at Belton High School.


“This is a celebration for the students and all the hard work that has been done in the last two months.” John Fairlie spoke about what he had hoped for and wanted out of the students as they performed. The concert had music that represented the Halloween spirit. This concert not only held high school performers but also displayed North Belton Middle School students as well.


Third-year all-region Violin players Gwyneth Sachsenmaier alongside Elizabeth DeVault


The ages of the students who performed at the BHS and NBMS concert ranged from ages 11 to 17. Some of the student performers have been practicing their instrument from a young age. Those who performed at all region ranged in experience from three years to thirteen years of practice. Among the students who performed at the concert, this year were 12 of the 16 students who made all-region. This is the first year in Belton High School history that more than four students have gone to all region.


“All region is an opportunity to play with the best of the best, you also get to hear a whole new sound of music. Music is an escape and an outlet, and I just love playing,” said student Mariah Montgomery, who has been practicing the viola for close to thirteen years.


Music has been known as a way for both children and adults to have an outlet for what might be going on in the world. The students who went to All-region have been carefully selected and had to go up against multiple schools’ orchestras. All region is one of the highest levels of competition that high school students can attend, compete, and perform.


To be invited to perform at all region is a high honor, due to the fact that to be invited you must be one of the top performers in a high school atmosphere. This year, Belton High School not only went to all region but also achieved sweepstakes at the 2017 University Interscholastic League competition. Belton High School orchestra students have outdone previous years students in a way that is most honorable.


For more information on how to attend a concert or even enroll a student into orchestra go on to Belton ISD’s website and search for Belton High School Orchestra.