All aboard: A night out for parents and a night of Polar fun for kids

by / 0 Comments / 57 View / December 31, 2015

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Journal Correspondent

It was a parents night out and a kids night in on Friday night at Belton Christian Youth Center. Friday was the first day of holiday break for area children after getting out of school early and Belton Christian Youth Center was ready with a night of fun for area children.

As parents went out the children stayed in for Polar Express Parent’s Night Out.

“It was a great event, even though it was a low turnout. We expected more, but only had ten kids come out. All the kids had a lot of fun,” said Cody Jackson, unit director, Belton Christian Youth Center. “They were all fighting and hoping to be the last ones picked up. They wanted to stay until ten, but parents started coming early.”

There was not a lack of activities for the children to participate in. Inflatable bounce houses were set up in the gym and the basketball goals were down providing plenty of fun exercise for burning energy before their parents came back.  The children also got to settle down with popcorn and hot chocolate as they watched “Polar Express.”

“We just rebooted this program, after not having it for awhile, since 2012,” commented Lori Briere, director, Belton Christian Youth Center. “We will do this again next year. This is one of our events that is open to the public. All of our sports programs are open to the public as well.”

Santa Claus also made an appearance at the event.

Children had the chance to make a Christmas ornament to take home during the craft activity. After making the ornament they had the chance to show it off and have a photograph taken of them holding it in Santa’s lap.
“The kids enjoyed it, and the parents really enjoyed it,” remarked Briere. “Our next event coming up will be for Easter.”