Andy’s Fans Bring in Electric Fans

by / 0 Comments / 69 View / August 15, 2017

By Jackie Mills, Contributor

Andy Andersen, weatherman for KCEN-TV, is spearheading the drive for electric fans to be donated to the elderly or people in need during these hot ‘dog days” of summer. You have heard Andy announcing the need for electric fans during Channel 6 news and weather. Now Salado Legends is joining Andy’s drive with “Electric fans for Salado Legends tickets” for the August 5 performance. You are encouraged to bring one new electric box fan and receive show tickets for two people. Tickets normally cost $20 each.
Mr. Andersen has had guest star roles in Salado Legends for the past 13 years. He has been a surveyor who opens the show, a courier bringing home the names of the dead and wounded from the Civil War battlefield, a cowboy, Mr. Pace (a real person in the history of Salado. who’s family gave the land for Pace Park where the Salado Art Fair is held every summer), and Andy also leads his horse who is carrying a wounded soldier home from the war.
During intermission on August 5, the last evening of the Salado Legends, Andy will also assist in handing out scholarships to the college age cast and crew. This year, $12,900 from scholarship donors and Tablerock will be given to approximately 15 deserving college students and high school students who are taking college courses. These students are from all over Central Texas and major in the degree of their choice.
For the past 20 years, Andy has been the full-time weatherman for KCEN TV and a part-time movie actor. He has appeared in a three-part PBS documentary named Texas Before the Alamo. In this documentary, Andy plays one of the Tennessee Volunteers. It was filmed at the old set in Bracketville that was built for John Wayne’s The Alamo. The December premier will be at the same San Antonio theater that premiered John Wayne’s movie. A partial list of Andy’s credits include: Behold a Pale Horse, as Juan Seguin; in a trailer for They Rode On; as a Captain in a Ranger Company for Dawn of the Crescent Moon that premiered at a Houston film festival and won two top awards. Andy was cast as a sheriff in Retail Hell: Do You Work Here, and he has been asked to head up a creative team and play the lead as a Sheriff in the movie A Good Man’s Decision, a modern day story concerning the Second Amendment. Andy, also a horse trainer, and a good windmill fixer, dutifully volunteers to ring a bell around a Salvation Army kettle every Christmas.
Bring your new electric box fan to the Ticket Gate on August 5 in exchange for two Salado Legends tickets to the show. Call 254-947-9205 for information. Help Andy, KCEN and Salado Legends keep their “fans” cool.