Annual church Spring Fest, Wing Fest see success

by / 0 Comments / 88 View / June 3, 2013

On April 27 and 28, Christ the King Catholic Church held their annual Wing Fest and Spring Fest.

In speaking with Father Misko, the parish priest for the past two and half years, his enthusiasm for this event was overwhelming.

“This is true fellowship,” he said. “With four masses every Sunday, our congregation rarely comes together as one Body in Christ. This is our opportunity to become that One.”

Coming from Pflugerville so recently, Misko relishes the planning of this event, which began last October.

The Wing Fest Celebration was held on a beautiful Saturday evening with the church gardens packed with parishioners enjoying the food while listening to the sounds of the Leon River Band. A band which consists of three active church members Kyle Heitmiller, Keff Putskce, and Emery Kertey who later set the tone for dancing under the tent.

Although Spring Fest has been a staple of this church and community activities for many years, this is only the second year for Wing Fest, which was so enormously popular last year that it was repeated once again with a great deal of success. The Wing Fest, though, is just a prelude to the fun and excitement to Sunday’s Spring Fest.

Co-chaired by JoAn and John Gillette and Dan and Leta Daniels, this event caters to the 1100 parishioners and the general public. According to JoAn, this event raises $50,000-$80,000 for the church’s general fund. Some of the money this year may go for church repairs after they recently experienced a fire, but generally the proceeds go wherever needed.

“This is a wonderful day of friendship and camaraderie for the church and community as well,” JoAn said as she watched the packed entertainment and game booths.

Continuing on, she remarked that for many years this was known as JuneFest but four years ago it was renamed Spring Fest, and this year, for example, it was held in April.

What is unique about the Christ the King event is that it is comprised of 100 percent donated games, food, entertainment, and programs. Volunteers set up booths at their own expense, staffed their booths, and give all their proceeds to the church. Funds are also raised through live and silent auctions.

From the degree of interest and participation, it appears both events were an overwhelming success.