Antiques, collectibles and unexpected treasure hunting

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Special to the Journal

The City Wide Garage Sale hosted another successful event in Belton on January 6-7.
“We had a great crowd yesterday and there’s more to come. If you come Saturday you get first pick but if you come on Sunday you can find deals.” Duryer said. “I would come on Sundays, you get great deals.” Gina Vasquez said. Vendors are more open to sales on Sundays because it is the last day to make a profit at the event. “You never know what’s going to sell if you just have one small thing. If it is not selling, then you are in trouble.” said Virginia Haberman, a vendor from Austin. There was a wide range of items offered throughout the garage sale. Items ranged from knives, old books, furniture, linens, and toys to name a few.


Steve Holland sold many items from knives to household purchases.

“You get to meet people, see things and it’s all fun.” Steve Holland said. Everyone working a booth had a smile on their face and excited about returning to a wonderful event. Kelly Adams just moved to Texas a few months ago and was excited to sell items that were no longer needed since her move. “It’s clean and lots of people come,” Adams said. “I have no room in the garage to get my bike out so it’s nice to sell things.”
Overall, the event was successful and will return again during the summer.