Ark foundation honors local student and budding designer

by / 0 Comments / 81 View / May 30, 2017

By Heather Regula

Approximately 30 people gathered at the Hope for the Hungry Retreat Center in Belton for an appreciation dinner organized by the Ark Foundation. “The Freedom Fest was a great success last month,” the Foundation said in a statement. “This dinner was a way for us to thank them, while providing a chance to visit together, outside of work and school.”
A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Esther Crawford, a 17-year-old Belton High School senior, for creating the design for The Freedom Fest brochures and tee-shirts.
“My advanced graphic design teacher asked the class to work on designing a flyer for The Freedom Fest,” said Crawford. “We were given specifications to follow and I thought about it for awhile. After looking at some other flyers to see what had already been done, I decided that I wanted an uplifting image so I chose wings; I thought wings of freedom would work great. We were given time in class to work on this and I used a program called Illustrator to come up with my designs. I actually submitted six pieces.”
Esther Crawford will graduate from Belton High School this year and plans to study graphic design in college.
“The winning wing design was chosen from submissions from about ten Belton High School graphic design students and we are grateful for Esther’s willingness to work with us,” said the Foundation. “The Freedom Fest wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of everyone behind the scenes. Next year’s Freedom Fest is already in the works. It will be a two-day event and we have it planned for March 2-3, 2018.”