That Art Place hosted Belton Rocks event

by / 0 Comments / 109 View / July 19, 2017

By Taylor Powell

On July 3, That Art Place held a rock painting event to support the local Belton community. There is a local sensation that has taken place in Belton. This local sensation is called Belton Rocks and many in the area are eager to participate. Many Belton citizens have seen the painted rocks left around all over the city. These decorated rocks can be seen in the local stores, parks, and churches. When a painted rock is spotted then that individual can visit the Facebook page and report the rock citing. This is great local community fun that many have enjoyed. The owner of That Art Place, Michelle Weaver, wanted to make sure all the citizens can participate in the Belton rocks fun. Weaver just wanted the local citizens to bring their rocks and her company provided the paint.
“We wanted to do a rock painting event so people could come and paint their own rocks,” said Weaver. “This is something we really wanted to support because it is fun and local.”
There were many citizens that wanted to support the local fun. That Art Place had more than 250 citizens come to the event to show their support and have fun. This event also gave citizens a chance to find out about That Art Place. That Art Place is full of different art activities and a happy staff that are excited to teach art to those willing to learn. That Art Place is a company that is full of love and support for its local art community. Weaver was originally an art teacher for elementary and middle students, but her passion was to teach art to all.
“I just wanted a place to teach art,” said Weaver.
That Art Place has many different activities to provide to all ages. There are summer camps for children. Pottery painting and glass making for those who want to do something different for that day. They also provide Pottery on the Patio that is coming back in the Fall. That is an event that includes art, food, and music. This company loves their community and the reason for the rock painting event was meant for the Belton community. Belton Rocks is great community summer fun for everyone. That Art Place is here to support the summer fun and they also have other fun activities for the community to be a part of.
So, stop by That Art Place to take a class, or paint some pottery. For more information please contact 254-613-4292.