Arusha’s coffee shop debuts new and unique “Sha Taco” menu

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By Heather Regula, Correspondent

Photos by Christopher Winston


“Sha” (derived from the French word “cher” meaning darling or dear) is a Creole slang expression used to show how precious something is. The “sha” family, friends and regular customers of Arusha’s Coffee were treated to complimentary tacos as the “Sha Taco” menu debuted on Thursday, January 18.


An Arusha’s waitress serves a customer some of their unique tea. The launch of the new Sha Tacos brought out many residents from Belton.

“We opened our doors in 2012 and focused on coffee. We started serving six teas a few months later, and now we have 100 different types of tea available. Serving food has been on our minds from the beginning. About a year and a half ago, we started serving breakfast items to compliment the coffee. This was phase one – focus on coffee and small snacks,” explained Ernst Jacques, co-owner of Arusha’s Coffee. “Phase two of the food rollout is now! Belton has grown a lot since we first opened and we want to continue to grow as well.”


Gena Winston of Temple enjoys her bulgogi and chicken tacos at the launch of the new menu.

The menu is called “Sha Tacos” and consists of 12 gourmet tacos. The finest taco ingredients are nestled in corn tortillas that are homemade locally in Belton. Each taco costs three-four dollars.


“The South West and Mardi Gras tacos are my favorite so far! They were so fresh and delicious,” said Allison McBride, of Belton.


Berta Fulwiler has many years of making tortillas and tacos under her belt.


“I’m a tough critic due to my own cooking experience! These tacos are healthy – the ingredients are fresh and good quality. I like them!” stated Fulwiler.


Don Miller was one of the dozens of people who came in to enjoy Thursday’s taco sampling.


“Arusha’s has a great location – we are happy to see people come out and enjoy downtown Belton,” said Miller.


Specializing in coffee and tea, the tacos are a new twist on the already popular coffee shop.


Settling in Central Texas was a natural transition for Dr. Christin Hubbard, owner of Hill Country Clinic of Chiropractic.


“We moved here from Kansas City to open the practice. We have family north of here and south of here, so this area was the ideal spot. We give out $5 Arusha’s gift cards to our customers for their birthdays, referrals, etc. This coffee shop is great – everyone is always so nice and the food tonight is amazing,” explained Hubbard.


“Looking at larger cities, the food industry is changing and becoming more diversified. Our tacos consist of modern flavors fused together with classic taco ideas. We are so proud to be part of Belton. Nothing makes us happier than spicing things up with some new and exciting taco variations,” remarked co-owner Hatem Chouchane.


Emily Keating, a barista at Arusha’s is shown here prepping tea to serve to a customer.

Arusha is a city in northern Tanzania and the capital of the Arusha Region. Coffee, one of Tanzania’s largest export crops, is a big part of its’ economy. The authenticity of Arusha’s Coffee in Belton connects it to the various backgrounds of Central Texans while staying true to the origin of the name.

“I want to say Sha Belton – beautiful Belton, precious Belton!” remarked Jacques.