Athletes, family members and volunteers get excited for Belton’s Special Olympics

by / 0 Comments / 47 View / November 12, 2017

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor

The Belton Tigers can now add on even more athletes to their already impressive list. The Special Olympics has occurred in the past in Belton, but just recently came back. Kids from Belton’s middle and high school will have the opportunity to be competing in track and field and bowling competitions.
“Belton has had special olympics in the past. It just kind of fizzled out, so we are kind of bringing it because there has been a demand for it from parents and staff that want to incorporate it because it does have so many great benefits for our kids,” said Lauren Marx, the event coordinator. “The special olympics this year is going to involve two different programs. We have the young athletes program, which is going to gear towards our three and four-year olds at Belton Early Childhood School, then we are having the special olympics bowling and track and field with the middle school and high school this year.”
Marx detailed how one of this year’s goals was to spread the word about the event, with hopes that it will become an even bigger event next year.
“it isn’t huge yet, so this is kind of a building year for it so we want to grow so that next year we can do some more sports and go down to the elementary schools, but for now we just want to get the word out and make it more successful,” said Marx.
The kids will be competing against four other schools at their Area bowling competition in late November.
“We are going to compete at area which will be against Temple, Midway, Gatesville, Academy. All of the area 12 schools on November 17, so they’ll be competing outside of just our district,” said Marx.
They are seeking volunteers to help out. The number one goal of the volunteers is to create the best possible experience for the athletes.
“We do need volunteers. There’s class A and class B volunteers. Class A will be going to the practices and be kind of more hands on with the kids. They do have to go through a certification to do that. Class B volunteers just show up at the day of the event, make sure the kids are where they need to be and cheer on the kids when they are participating,” said Marx.
Anyone who is interested in volunteering can contact Lauren Marx at 254-215-2114 or