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Tony Adams

UFC PPV, KBO demonstrates social distancing norms that could provide blueprint for return of U.S. sports

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor The UFC returned to the octagon last Saturday at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. It marked the second professional league to re-launch their product. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been working throughout…

0 Comments / 36 View / May 14, 2020

Belton Baseball turned the corner when COVID slammed into season

Not unlike all of the other Belton Tiger Athletics’ sports teams this spring, Tiger Baseball was resurgent after a tough start offensively. Belton was shut out in two of their first three games while squeezing out three runs in the…

0 Comments / 253 View / May 7, 2020

Belton Softball ends season on seven-game winning streak

The Belton Tiger Softball team had its share of ups and downs in the 2020 campaign. There were lots of growing pains that the team went through in order to get them into competitive shape. After the first two tournaments…

0 Comments / 234 View / May 7, 2020

TTA amends calendar, BYBA, BYSA await guidance

The Texas Teenage Baseball/Softball Association amended their 2020 TTA summer calendar via votes by the TTA State Board of Directors this past weekend. TTA, the body that governs Belton Youth Baseball Association and Belton Youth Softball Association, extended the end…

0 Comments / 190 View / May 7, 2020

Business as “not so” usual: state of Lake Belton High School Athletics

Although school has been closed for some time in the Belton Independent School District, there has been plenty of activity on the Lake Belton High School side of BISD Athletics. This week, I had the opportunity to catch up with…

0 Comments / 222 View / May 7, 2020

Could a three division setup work for MLB in 2020?

At the outset of 2020, everybody had plans and goals. Scandals that rocked the baseball world started to take a back seat to Major League Baseball Spring Training. Then the stoppage of play in the midst of spring training threw…

0 Comments / 52 View / May 7, 2020

The Belton Journal’s NFL Mock Draft 2020…according to Tony

Editor’s Note: This is the opinion of the Sports Editor and not of The Belton Journal newspaper. The 2020 National Football League Draft will be an event like no one has seen in some time. The event was set to…

0 Comments / 187 View / April 23, 2020

Three parts? 115-game schedule? Get this boy some baseball!

By now, people are looking forward to the beginning of the 2020 baseball season. People have bought tickets and some fans have even gone so far to book out of town trips to follow their teams on the road. Most…

0 Comments / 51 View / April 13, 2020

Jared Janczak: A Tiger To Remember

Jared Janczak has seen a ton of baseball in his young life in various cities. From Belton to Fort Worth and from Omaha to Goodyear, AZ, Janczak has taken the baseball train to many destinations around the country. Janczak, a…

0 Comments / 406 View / April 13, 2020

It is like Déja Vu: I know that I have been here before

While I have several feelings about how sports stopped on the international, professional, collegiate, and high school levels, there was one that kept creeping into my two broadcasts at the Jay Higgins Lake Highlands Classic last Thursday, March 12: uneasiness….

0 Comments / 1135 View / March 19, 2020