Baylor Scott & White constructing new facility in Pflugerville

by / 0 Comments / 457 View / February 21, 2017

Special to the Journal

Baylor Scott & White Health leaders joined Pflugerville city officials on Feb. 8 to celebrate the start of construction on a new medical center set to open in 2018. In addition to offering the quality medical care available at centers throughout the health system, the medical center in Pflugerville will have a greater focus on activities and programs designed to highlight healthy living habits.

“After more than a decade serving this community, we are renewing our commitment and expanding our services in Pflugerville,” said Jay Fox, President, Baylor Scott & White Austin/Round Rock Region. “We are always looking for ways to advance our mission of creating a healthier population in Texas by serving more people and communities. We take a team approach to caring for every patient so they get the highest quality care possible.”

The new medical center is designed specifically to grow as the population of Pflugerville continues to increase. It will include a hospital and an integrated multi-specialty medical clinic, a unique model of care delivery that allows for greater coordination among hospital and clinic medical team members where health care providers can work on the same patients in tandem. Coupled with an electronic medical record used across the care continuum, this model helps improve the patient experience and prevent unnecessary medical tests, while aiming to reduce the amount of time a patient spends in the hospital.

In addition, the location has been designed to focus on healthy living and will serve as a venue for programs and initiatives, including health and wellness seminars, nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, and more. Baylor Scott & White will also expand upon its community walks and fitness sponsorships in the Pflugerville area.

“For some time we have been looking for a health care partner to bring a hospital facility to Pflugerville,” Mayor Victor Gonzales said. “Baylor Scott & White shares our goals and is expanding their footprint in Pflugerville to provide residents additional wellness and care opportunities. The presence of a hospital facility contributes to the regional medical needs and is a critical piece in building Pflugerville into a vibrant, healthy, family-friendly community. A family takes care of each other; health and accessibility to health care is an integral component to our quality of life in Pflugerville.”

An expanding demand for care in Pflugerville, a popular and growing Central Texas city, created the need for expanded medical services in the city.
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