BBQ joint strives to grow with Belton

by / 0 Comments / 214 View / December 3, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

A well-loved and popular eating establishment in Belton is undergoing a major renovation. Clem Mikeska’s Barbeque, one of the most well-known restaurants in the community, as well as a heir to one of the best known names in the Texas barbeque world, is undergoing an expansion to their building to fit the needs of the consumers. Clem Mikeska’s is one of the most attended restaurants in Belton, and is becoming bigger and better than it is already.

“Clem Mikeska’s has been in Belton for about 10 years now,” said Anna Mikeska Payne. “We’ve received requests for a bigger building, because we’ve grown so much we are running out of tables to seat everybody. Clem Mikeskas is expanding as a response to customer demand.”

Clem Mikeska’s has always been a great venue as a social gathering place, as well as a family establishment. Clem Mikeska’s has been a wonderful place to make a new friend and have a sit down dinner with your family. As a result of the expansion, Clem Mikeska’s is only going to become a better place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

“We want to make Clem Mikeska’s a great family establishment. We want it to be a place where you can meet new people and enjoy the food and the fun,” said Mikeska Payne. “As a part of the expansion, we are going to be adding a bar that will be serving draft beers only, as well as some wine. We will be adding new tables and chairs, but we will also add nine new TV’s. We want Clem Mikeska’s to be a place people can come and enjoy a football game or basketball game and have a good beer, as well as come after a football or basketball or baseball game.”

As for Clem Mikeska’s famous, finger-lickin’ food options, it too is going to undergo change.

“As well as the expansion in the buildings seating and the bar and what not, we will be changing our menu,” said Mikeska Payne. “We have widened our menu options so people can come in several times a week and have something different. You can come in one day and have the chicken salad and then come in the other day and have shrimp po-boy.”

Clem Mikeska’s has been one of the most popular restaurants in Belton for many years now. Though many new people have moved to Belton and Temple over the past decade, the love for Clem Mikeska’s Barbeque has lasted throughout the years. The expansion of Clem Mikeska’s is an exciting thing for the Belton and Temple community, as it will become better at what it already does, provide wonderful food and a great atmosphere for the citizens and families of Belton and Temple, Texas.

“We are growing with Belton,” said Mikeska Payne. “Belton is indeed growing, so our restaurant needed to as well.”