BECS hosts first ever event

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Published November 13, 2014

By Lindsay Starr Platt, The Belton Journal

Even though the sun goes down earlier now, that did not stop more than 600 people from attending the fall carnival at Belton Early Childhood School on Friday night. The campus of Belton Early Childhood School was dotted with carnival style games, a bouncy house, obstacle course and a kid-sized train.
Outside the school gym were tables lined up, hosting a wide array of more than 70 silent auction items. Two gift baskets were contributed from each classroom to raise funds. Parents of students donated single items also for the silent auction.
“It’s great, we appreciate all the hard work the parents and teachers do,” said Lori Killdough, parent of a student. “This event gives the families something to do that is inexpensive and fun. It is great to get to see and meet the other families from the school.”
The fall carnival gathered support from parents and teachers to make this first time event happen.
Reaching out to the community, the Belton Police Department graced the carnival with their appearance and provided “Badge” the blue dog mascot of the police department, and a kid sized train that provided rides for the children. Also Belton Fire Department brought in a fire truck for children to explore and learn about.
“We have a great Parent Involvement Group who organized the carnival,” Sue Banfield, Belton Early Childhood School principal said. “Kudos, to them. They called the Fire and Police Department and got them to come out. All of teachers and staff they really care about the kids, they did all this because, it is important for the little ones to have fun. Kristi Blattner is the teacher that spearheaded this project and created the focus group.”
Belton Early Childhood School fall carnival garnered help from Belton High School. Volunteer help came from students with the National Honor Society and the basketball team as they assisted with the operations of the carnival and earned service hours.
“I had a lot of fun, and there was good food,” said Cecilia Rodriguez, pre-Kindergarten student.
Belton Early Childhood School opened this year, and this was the first event for the campus. Even though the campus had no funding to put on a carnival, with the pre-sale of wristbands, Belton Early Childhood School was able to secure the money to buy what was needed for the carnival. Local sponsors, including H-E-B and Wal-Mart were a great help in making the limited budget stretch out.
“I liked the fishing pole game and the bouncy house,” Jacob Kinder, 7, a sibling of a pre-kindergartner said. “Seriously good and seriously fun.”
“Wonderful they did this for the kids, my son is just excited, so excited to be here,” said Brandon Joines, parent of student.