BEDC partners with Temple College to assist in employee training

by / 0 Comments / 86 View / June 3, 2013

On April 17 and 24, the Belton Economic Development Corporation and Temple College, School of Business partnered to assist Belton’s primary industries in the growth and development of the most important asset, their employees.

Ana Borchardt, Director of Business Expansion and Retention, Cynthia Hernandez, BEDC Executive Director, and Kathy Brandner, Director of Workforce Development with Temple College collaborated to bring a customer service course called Service Excellence to 19 representatives of the following companies: Bellco Manufacturing, IER, Beltec Industries, Harvest Technologies, and the City of Belton.

Lanell Mikeska, a certified facilitator with Development Dimensions International, customized this program and instructed the two-part class, which provided educational opportunities to a large range of local staff members.

“We are committed to the success of our existing companies and this demonstrates one of the ways in which we partner with them,” said Borchardt.

Comments from several attendees were positive and reinforced the importance of continuing corporate education.

“The key principles to successful customer service are empathy, sympathy, and self esteem,” said Sylvia Ramos from the City of Belton.

These concepts were reinforced in the learning aids provided.

“In empathizing, you need to apologize without accepting blame,” said Zendi Carmona from Bellco Manufacturing.

Utilizing role-playing, games, and basic communication skills, Mikeska reinforced the concepts of self-improvement and self-awareness.

“This course was interesting, interactive, and beneficial to me in my position as an accountant/sales executive with Beltec,” said Cynthia Isom.

The BEDC is committed to the economic prosperity of the community by assisting with job creation and capital investment. In working with the Customized Contract Training Program at Temple College organizations become more effective in meeting their goals, as explained by Kathy Brandner and shown in their Business and Community Education brochure.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to partner with BEDC and have delivered an excellent training program, along with a certificate and continuing education credit (CEU) to the individuals completing the course,” stated Temple College representative Kathy Brandner.