BEEF hosts and rolls out the Red Carpet

by / 0 Comments / 98 View / October 25, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

On the evening of Oct. 10, the Belton Education Enrichment Foundation held the 5th Annual Red Carpet Event for its donors. The event took place at 6 p.m. and was held at the beautiful Tenroc Ranch in Salado.
The Belton Education Enrichment Foundation, better known as BEEF, was founded in 1992 as an independent and nonprofit organization. BEEF has been an active part of the Belton education system since the founding.
They focus on furthering the education of graduating seniors and educators apart of the Belton Independent School District.
The evening was filled with fantastic food catered by Pappasito’s and held live and silent auctions for the donors to participate in.


Juli Bryan, the president of the Belton Education Enrichment Foundation.

Juli Bryan the president of BEEF has been a part of the independent and nonprofit organization for four years, but this her first exciting year as president. She joined the organization feeling the need to plug in and help the community in a useful way.
She saw the productive way that BEEF was helping further education and she happily became a part of them.
“This year is a great and exciting turnout,” said Bryan. “We just hope with each year that we continue to grow and that people will hear about us and support our mission.”
Donors entering the Red Carpet Event were greeted by Randy Pittenger. Pittenger is the president of the Belton Independent School District and he proudly serves the Belton education system.
“This is a great opportunity for BEEF to raise a lot of money and also for the community to come out and have a good time,” said Pittenger. “We are excited to be here and support this event. What makes public schools strong is the investment and the engagement from the public.”
Throughout the course of the event, there was entertainment provided by the Belton High School Madrigal Choir and Montgomery Strings. This gave the donors of the community a chance to witness the talent and beauty that is located in the Belton education community. BEEF is proud to continue to reach out and help the educators and graduating seniors of the community. As BEEF continues to grow so will extra opportunities for the education of the Belton community. For more information on BEEF go to their Facebook page and inquire on how to help further this wonderful organization.