Bell County Expo hosts City-Wide Garage Sale

by / 0 Comments / 176 View / June 25, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

On June 10 and 11, the Bell County Expo Center held the City-Wide Garage Sale. The City-Wide Garage Sale is an event in Belton held three times a year since 1993. The sale is open to all and mainly focuses on antiques and vintage items. There are many from the city that attend the garage sale, but there are also many that are there to sell their vintage items. The participants that sell their items are well-educated about their product and some have been selling these items for years.
Steve Holland is one of the many there to sell items at the garage sale. His business is called “Touch of the Past” and he stated that he has been selling these items in the city-wide garage sale since thew show started in 1993. His booth consisted of antique sterling silver and gold. Holland’s story is simple when it comes to how he began his antique business.
“I started collecting and that’s how I began,” said Holland. “The stuff is my garage started piling up and my wife told me I had to do something with it. So, I decided to sell the stuff.”
Pat Rodriguez is another individual there selling his merchandise. Rodriguez booth consisted of valuable antiques and collatable toys. He has been selling his merchandise at the city-wide garage sale for seven years and does the show three times a year at the City-Wide Garage Sale. Rodriguez started his business when he retired.


“When I retired, I had to do something,” said Rodriguez. “Now, I do 25 shows a year and I do this one three times a year.”
The event’s origins began before the showings in Belton. Jennifer Dwyer is the daughter of the woman who originally started these garage sales.

“This started back in 1977 in Austin, Texas,” said Dwyer. “The original idea behind it was due to the high gas pricing back then my mom had an idea to put all the garage sales under one roof, so people wouldn’t have to drive around to everyone’s garage sales. It started as an actual garage sale, but it has evolved into vintage and collectible market over the years.”
This City-Wide Garage Sale is a popular event in the Belton area. If you or someone you know were unable to attend this city-wide event this time there is no need to worry. This garage sale has been here for years and it seems like it is here to stay. For more information please contact 512-441-2828.