Bell County Jail passes state inspection

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Published May 15, 2014

By Matthew Girard, Associate Editor

Although few jailing facilities routinely pass a Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspection, the Bell County Jail Complex has made it routine.
For the 28th consecutive year, Bell County recently passed the TCJS’s annual inspection. The inspection was an unannounced, 3-day inspection that encompassed every aspect of the operations of the jail.
On Monday, the Bell County Commissioners Court recognized the Bell County Sheriff’s Department for its achievement.
“This a testament to the great employees we have at our facility,” Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange said. “It’s become so automatic for us that we don’t even realize, as administrators, how rare this award is. This doesn’t happen very often.”
Bell County Judge Jon Burrows commended Lange and the jail employees on another outstanding performance.
“It’s routine for us, but it’s not routine state wide,” Burrows said. “There was nothing but high praise.”
In other business, the Commissioners approved the purchase and installation of a 120-foot chain-link fence to go along the top of the west side of the Bell County Juvenile Justice Center.
The cost of the fence is $7,123 and is being installed to “take away any potential (escape) opportunity,” according to BCJJC officials.
The Commissioners also announced that a total of $147,345.75 was received from the sale of surplus property at the Bell County auction held on May 6.