Bell County Museum hosts first Educator Day

by / 0 Comments / 90 View / June 22, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent
For the first time this year, the Bell County Museum held Educator Day. This event was held on June 7 and it welcomed educators from the Bell County school district. The museum held this private event for educators to spread the word about their amazing offers for the educators from the school district.
Kaytee Ricketts, the education coordinator at the museum and Coleman Hampton the director of the museum came up with this event together to outreach to other educators in the area.
“Teachers have so much going on and they are looking for new things, but not always able to find things,” Ricketts said. “So, I wanted to bring everything to the teachers.”
The educator event was meant to help teachers know that there are other resources in the area that are free and exciting for students in classrooms. Ricketts explained that there are traveling trucks for the teachers to take to their classrooms free of charge and can be rented up to two weeks. Theses trucks come with different activities to do for different ages and come in a wide variety.  Not only was this event meant to promote these educational traveling trucks, but also get educators know about their bus grant option. This is a $50 bus grant for educators when they bring their classrooms to the Bell County Museum for a fun-filled field trip.
The event went on to be successful and the educators of the area were thrilled to know about the resources that are offered at Museum.
Tiffany Pirtle, a second-grade educator from the Troy district, was excited about the offerings that the event promoted.
“This reminds us of what we have to offer here at Bell County,” said Pirtle.
The Educational Travel Trunks and the fifty-dollar grant are not the only offerings that the Museum offers, but the museum is full of educational facts about Bell County. These facts include events regarding the history of the civil war, Native Americans, and ancient artifacts. The museum is an interesting place to visit for students and educators of the area.
The successful educator event spread the word to the educators of the area. These offerings are free of charge and come with a bus grant to educate the student about the Bell County area. This is the first year for this event, but much more are sure to come. For more information, please contact 254-933-5243.