Bella Sona choir performs annual spring concert

by / 0 Comments / 83 View / May 28, 2017

By Kyle Cushman, Correspondent
The Bella Sona concert choir, a female choir at Holy Trinity High School in Temple, held their annual spring concert on May 12 at Christ The King Catholic Church in Belton.
Preceding the choir performance, the Knights of Columbus hosted a fish fry across the street at the Parish Hall.  The Squires, a young men’s group that is associated with the Knights of Columbus, held a dessert fund raiser.  Marcos Basaldua attends New Tech High School in Belton.
“The money that we raise is used to fund the youth group.  One of the things we raise money for is the annual DCYC trip (Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference),” said Marcos. “We meet at the Waco Convention Center and have fun talking about Christ, and helping each other grow in our faith.”
The Bella Sona performance was held at the Christus Center. The event, named “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” was open to the public.  Donations were accepted at the door, and proceeds went to fund the choir edition of hymnals. It began with praise songs by the Holy Trinity Praise Band.  This was followed by several songs performed by the Bella Sona choir, including “Danny Boy,” “Sail Away With Me” and select material from the well known musical “Les Miserables.”
Brian Carpenter regularly plays piano during Saturday evening mass at Christ The King Church.  He also played piano on Friday evening for portions of the Bella Sona choir performance.


“Holy Trinity has about 100 students,” said Carpenter. “It’s a relatively small school, but there is some amazing talent here.  I love watching the students improve and develop over time. You see real improvement, and that’s gratifying.”


Zoe Lamborn is a member of Bella Sona girls choir.  She is a sophomore at Holy Trinity High School.
“I love being around all the girls,” said Lamborn. “There is such a strong bond that is formed. It’s a blast.”
Pam Fette is a teacher and choir director at Holy Trinity High School.  “I have been teaching here for 14 years,” said Pam. “I formed the Bella Sona choir.  I love boys’ voices, but my expertise is with girls. You have so many talents to be discovered.”
When the choir performance was finished, the crowd erupted asking for an encore. They ended with a startling performance of songs from the Broadway hit “Into The Woods” by Stephen Sondheim.