Belton Chamber knocks it out of the park with Pittenger hire

by / 0 Comments / 251 View / August 4, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



Randy Pittenger was recently named President of the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce. Pittenger served on the Belton Independent School Board for 24 years, and the past 16 years as President of the board.



He was one of the most visible community leaders the past 20 years for the Belton community and BISD. Pittenger retired from Metroplex Health System in Killeen. He was the Director of Behavioral Health Services.



As President of the Belton Chamber a person must deal with virtually every aspect of the Belton-Temple area. It is a job where you have to be able deal with just about anything. From the City Manager of Temple to roofing companies who want to join the chamber to newspaper reporters.



During his time at BISD, the vital institution went from a secondary school district in Belton-Temple to the dominate force in the area. BISD is crucial to the growth of Bell County.



His ability to promote is a major asset to both Temple and Belton.



“We celebrated our success (BISD) by telling a story. With the school district we looked for those positive things. Not everything in the paper is bad news. Let us look for the good things. There are so many good things happening. We need to point those things out. Belton is a great place to live and raise a family. Look at all the business development we have in Belton. The roads lead through Belton. Our location is spectacular. I want to define the function of the chamber and develop a plan. Why does the chamber exist? What do we want to do? Look at everything we do and see if it fits that purpose. Keep it simple,” said Pittenger.



Michele Moore is a veteran of surviving in the retail world. She understands a different side of the business few survive in. As Digital Communications and Visitors Services Coordinator for the chamber she comes into play in virtually everything the chamber does. Her leadership during the long period without a chamber president was vital to the community.



“Everything Randy is bringing to the table has been on my mind. Belton is such a good place to live. We have a great school district but you have to have more than that. People do seek us out at the chamber. I think Randy has a fresh look at things. He is looking at the chamber in a whole different way. He gets out and asks questions. He is a very good listener. If he gets the feedback he will have an impact. It is his unbiased look at things that stands out. Randy is an amazing person and he believes in our community. It isn’t an act,” said Moore.



“This might be a good place to live. It has to have jobs and things to do when you are not working. You have to have places to shop and things you can do. You have to have it all,” said Pittenger.