Belton continues to make economic strides

by / 0 Comments / 95 View / July 30, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



Belton continues to make economic strides toward becoming a retail force in the area. Belton received $414,911 from the state off of retail sales in June, for a 12.97 percent increase over last year. For the year, Belton has received $3,021.393 this year for a 9.31 percent increase. This pattern of increases has continued since 2010.



Harker Heights is 2.85 percent up, Temple is down 1.72 and Killeen is up 4.55 percent for the year. As a community, Belton lags behind Temple and Killeen by a large margin. That won’t change over the course of a few years. Belton isn’t at rock bottom either.



Housing starts for the year is 157, compared to 163 in 2017. Compared to 2013 81-starts, 2014 72-starts, 2015-42 starts Belton is once again posing solid numbers. The medium home sale price is $195,000 this year. Homes sold over $250,000 comprised 30 percent of Belton’s market. Average monthly inventor of homes for sale is down 6.9 percent.



Requests for water connections is 176 this year. Compared to 2015-16 ,water connection requests are way up. Fuel prices are up 13 percent this year. TruMH has added 68 jobs this year ,along with BISD’s 30, to lead the Belton area in jobs created.