Belton Convocation brings together staff and students before the new school year

by / 0 Comments / 132 View / September 6, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

On Tuesday, August 15, Belton ISD held Convocation in order to kick off the school year. This Convocation was held at the Bell County Expo Center and everyone apart of Belton ISD was invited to support this event. This convocation was meant to bring all of the staff of Belton ISD together and make sure they understand that they make a difference in every student’s life. Kyle DeBeer, Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement for Belton ISD, understands the importance of the 2017 convocation.


“The convocation is meant to bring all of the staff and students together to kick off a great school year. We are here to encourage every staff member that they all make a difference in the lives of our students. There is not one staff member who is not important to us and the convocation brings the staff and students together. We will have speakers to encourage the staff members of that importance. We are all here for the students, ” DeBeer said.
The convocation began with excited staff and students prepared to get the events of the afternoon started. Randy Pittenger, President of Belton ISD, was very excited to start the Convocation off with a bang.
“We are going to rock this place! We are all super excited to kick off this school year,” said Pittenger.
The convocation began with a pep rally lead by the students. The Marching Hundred put on a spectacular performance for the attending audience. The Magic Belles put on a spectacular performance as well. The students worked hard to put on these great performances for the convocation. The pep rally performances ended and followed up with a great speech by Pittenger.



“The events of happening in the news today can lead us to believe that there is no good coming forth, but we can change that. We are here to let our students know that there is a brighter future. Everyone of us counts to these students and each of us can make a difference in our student’s lives,” said Pittenger.
The performances and the speeches given inspired the staff and students to start off a great school year. The staff of Belton ISD will do all they can to ensure that they support their students in every way possible. The Convocation was a success and everyone is looking forward to an eventful school year. For more information on events please visit the Belton ISD website.