Belton expands Heritage Park

by / 0 Comments / 259 View / July 14, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



“The acquisition to expand Heritage Park is the type of decision that comes around once in a generation in a city the size of Belton,” Belton Public Information Officer Paul Romer said. “The Belton City Council made a legacy decision that will impact local families for good for a long, long time.”



The $2.25 million purchase of the parkland was initially made with funds from the city’s fund balance, which is used for day-to-day operations, among other things. The purchase was made with the understanding that the City Council would use certificates of obligation, a common debt mechanism used by cities, to replenish the fund balance. On Tuesday, June 26, the council secured the certificates of obligation, a 12-year note at an interest rate of three percent.



“The response from Belton residents has been overwhelmingly positive,” Romer said. “That type of affirmation following a decision making process is what cities hope to achieve with such projects.”



This project expands Heritage Park by 85.62 acres. As Belton and the surrounding communities grow substantial it becomes more difficult to purchase land. This substantially increases the communities ability to maintain parks as the community grows.