Belton Explorer team takes 1st place

by / 0 Comments / 128 View / July 27, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt

Belton City Council met Tuesday night at the Harris Community Center. The meeting was called to order with special recognition and a trophy presented to Belton Law Enforcement Post for winning first place in the Second Annual Central Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Competition. Belton Chief of Police, Gene Ellis presented the youth with the trophy and they were applauded for their hard work.
Ellis also mentioned that on Monday at 7:30 there will be a memorial to honor fallen police officers at the police station.
“Blessings to all of our officers,” said Mayor Marion Grayson, City of Belton.
Ellis had the chance to discuss with the council the considerations to donate a police dog to the City of Harker Heights Police Department. The consideration was approved unanimously and Harker Heights Police Chief Mike Gentry thanked Ellis and the City of Belton for their generosity to give “Chico” a career after his partner retired.
“We recently retired one of our award-winning dogs and we have a young handler that is ready for a dog,” said Gentry. “We had a dog retire and they had a handler retire. We will retrain this dog and the handler in a few months. We have the capability to make use of Chico past his retirement. Gene is my friend and you Belton are my partners and friends.”
“Retirement is not the best option for Chico,” said Ellis. “Chief Gentry’s motto is always “Yes”. We have a great relationship with Harker Heights.”
Council approved the considerations and approved to award the bid to APAC for the 2016 Street Chip Seal and HMAC Overlay Project. Overlays will begin in August and Chip Seals will start in September with the project having a deadline of October 2016.
“Belton is going to be beautiful,” said Grayson.
APAC was the only company whose bid was put in for both the overlay and chip seal contract. The total cost in the bid is $1,782,245.
“If we are not getting that many bidders, could we just put a band-aid on it and wait for more bidders?” said David K. Leigh, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Belton.
“Maybe we could get the bids out in January instead of April. But, it is the cost of oil that can change so much,” said Angellia Points Director of Internal Services/City Engineer, City of Belton.
City of Belton, Director of Finance, Brandon Bozon presented to council both the proposed water and sewer budget for FY 2017 and the proposed drainage budget for FY 2017.
“Every time it rains this man (Byron Sinclair, Director, Public Works, City of Belton) is checking thins out,” said Points. “Connell Street opened today as well.”
Belton City Manager Sam List presented annual goals and priorities from city departments.
“The week after Christmas if trash and recycling could come two times, even if we pay more,” said Leigh.
Ed Bandas, Retail Development Coordinator, City of Belton, mentioned Belton needs to make sure developers know they exist.
“We need to recertify Belton with the Texas Main Street program,” said Bandas.