Belton ISD receives clean audit report

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Published December 18, 2014

By Kyle DeBeer, Belton Independent School District

The Belton ISD Board of Trustees received the independent audit report for the 2013-2014 school year. The report included an unmodified opinion, which indicates that the auditor had no reservations about the district’s financial statements. The audit also found no material weaknesses, no significant deficiencies, and no noncompliance issues, and no costs were questioned.
“After a thorough, independent review of our books by an outside auditor, Belton ISD received a clean audit report. That’s a big deal, and it demonstrates our commitment to being good stewards of the public’s resources,” said Randy Pittenger, school board president.
The audit report shows that Belton ISD’s general fund balance increased by $4,276,264 to $19,969,937. That figure is slightly above what the audit report identifies as the optimum fund balance, a level roughly equivalent to two months of operating expenses.
“Belton ISD is a fast-growth school district. We’ve opened new campuses and hired more teachers. Increasing our fund balance ensures that we can continue to serve our students even if something unexpected happens,” said Dr. Susan Kincannon, superintendent.
Belton ISD’s total expenditures for the 2014-2014 school year were $95,194,479, an increase of 3.4% from the previous year. The district’s enrollment increased 4.1 % (or 413 students) over the same period.
Even while enrollment has grown, the school board has voted to cut property taxes. Trustees lowered the property tax rate by 7.1 cents in 2013 and by an additional penny this year. The current tax rate is $1.44 per $100 of valuation.
This is the second year that year that the district’s annual financial audit has been conducted by Pattillo, Brown & Hill LLP. The audit report is posted online at