Belton ISD says good-bye to Executive Director of Communications

by / 0 Comments / 191 View / September 8, 2017

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor

For the past four years, Kyle DeBeer has been the go-to guy for public relations when it comes to Belton ISD. Graduating from Colorado College in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Classics-History-Politics, DeBeer worked in politics for about a decade before joining Belton ISD in June of 2013.
Leaving Belton is a bittersweet feeling for DeBeer, who is moving to Waco in order to be closer to his wife and son.
“I will be joining Waco ISD as their executive director of communications and community engagement,” said DeBeer. “My wife and I live in the Waco area with our young son. It’s amazing how fast he is growing up, and I’m looking forward to a shorter commute that will let me help more with pick-up and drop-off at daycare. This is also an exciting time with everything happening in Waco. Dr. Marcus Nelson became the district’s superintendent this summer and is raising expectations. There are great things happening for kids in Waco ISD.”
He has gained a greater appreciation for the hard work and dedication that every staff member of Belton ISD does to insure that their children are provided with a great education.
“As a community member – or even a parent or student – there are a lot of things that you just don’t see,” said DeBeer. “When there’s bad weather, for example, our transportation is out sometimes as early as 3 a.m. to check the safety of bus routes. Our maintenance department works through the summer to get campuses ready for the first day of school and is on call 24 hours a day. All of those things are important. The community sees the end result but not necessarily the work that goes into it.
DeBeer also said that he admires the programs that our Belton schools offer our students.
“Belton ISD offers students, especially high school students, a broad range of opportunities to find the path that’s right for them after graduation,” said DeBeer. “However, I didn’t realize the full extent of those opportunities until I saw them firsthand. The career and technical education program offers about 100 courses and nearly two dozen professional certifications. With more than 50 Advanced Placement and dual credit courses, students also have ample opportunities to earn college credit while they’re still in high school.”
He said it has been an exciting time to work with Belton ISD with it rapidly growing each year and adding more students to our schools. He enjoyed working with the community, the school board and the district staff on the long-range facilities plan for the upcoming schools that are to be built.”
“In particular, it was cool to see the district’s commitment to including the community in the decision-making process as well as the community’s commitment to supporting our kids,” said DeBeer.
Susan Kincannon recognized the great work that DeBeer has brought to Belton.
“I was blessed to have Kyle on my team for the last four years,” said BISD Superintendent Susan Kincannon. “He established strong working relationships with our reporters and news media, and produced the highest quality work for our district. During Kyle’s time in Belton ISD, our communications improved greatly. He will be certainly be missed.”
David Tuma, Publisher for the Belton Journal, also commended DeBeer on his communication skills in working with the paper and getting out the proper information to the community.
“Kyle was simply amazing to work with,” said Tuma. “Usually those positions are so guarded in what you can communicate. Nothing truly gets done in terms of communication. So afraid to make a mistake communication isn’t really communicated. It was a two way street with BISD. It wasn’t always pleasant with the issues we have been dealing with. Kyle is one of those rare people who can see your side, their side and how those mix together.”
From the colleagues that have turned into friends to all of the new things happening in Belton, DeBeer will miss it all.
“Working here has been a great experience in large part because of the people,” said DeBeer. “I’m going to miss working with my colleagues, many of whom have become friends over the past four years. I’ve especially enjoyed working for Dr. Kincannon and have been inspired by her forward-thinking vision for Belton ISD.”