Belton Journal Podcast – Episode 01

by / 0 Comments / 138 View / April 7, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the tentatively titled Belton Journal Podcast. Featuring Annie Dockery, Devin Corbitt, Nikki Velarde, and Josh Rivera, this bi-monthly audio feature covers topics relevant to the Bell County area, as well as whatever topic is presently occupying the host’s head at the moment. This week is divided into three acts for your convenience.


In the first segment, Josh brings cookies from Cookie Addiction (complete with “ohms” from the cast he couldn’t edit out entirely), Annie talks about weddings and Bliss Bridal Magazine, and Devin talks about… getting married.

Nikki discusses the finer points of running, reminding the rest of the cast how out of shape they really are. She then discusses Discover the Dinosaurs, the Bell County Expo Center event she covered recently. Josh spazzes out and waxes philosophical about dinosaurs, the ennui of existence, and The Land Before Time.

Devin shows off her journalistic chops by criticizing Molly White’s recent decision to axe the hotel tax bill, designed to fund renovations to the aforementioned Bell County Expo Center.