Belton Police Department warns against phone scams

by / 0 Comments / 97 View / April 4, 2015

By Lindsay Starr Platt, The Belton Journal

At Belton Police Department they usually get three or four complaints a month about phone scams that involve the phone number appearing it is generating from somewhere other than what the caller ID displayes. This type of scam usually target’s the elderly and involves a person(s) pretending to be a bank or credit card company. The subjects will request personal information from their intended victim over the phone.

These subjects will use online services that can provide false caller ID numbers and even disguise voices. These services are readily available to anyone online. These numbers and the caller ID information can be made to seem like it is coming from the bank or credit card company.

“The best advise for people is to never give out personal information over the phone. Unfortunately you cannot always trust the caller ID that displays on the phone. If there is any doubt the consumer can hang up and call the main number for their financial institution to verify who is call them,” said Sergeant Doug Taylor, School Resource Officer Unit, Belton Police Department. “Most reputable companies will not ask their customers for personal information over the phone.”

Anyone receiving these phone calls or similar scams should contact the Belton Police Department and make a complaint. The Belton Police Department can be reached at 254-933-5840.