Belton Police Detective goes above and beyond for residents

by / 0 Comments / 282 View / July 27, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor



Since beginning his law enforcement career in 1998 and being with the Belton Police Department since 2004, Robert Gatewood has gone from patrol officer to detective. With traits such as his extensive knowledge of the law, perseverance, observatory nature and intelligence, Gatewood is the perfect fit to pursue a case from start to finish.



Most recently, he cracked a case of a resident who was a victim of fraud. An elderly resident who had signs of dementia was taken advantage of by an individual who had got her to sign up for lawn care services. Over the span of six years, he defrauded the resident out of thousands of dollars.



“It was reported to my lieutenant that there was an individual that was reviewing records of their mother with the intent to put her into an assisted living facility,” said Gatewood. “During the course of that investigation, he found that there was an excessive amount of money going to one individual for lawn care services. They started noticing that that annual contract, which was a yearly contract, was being billed quarterly and since the mom did have some dementia, she would ask him if it was already time to pay and he would say yes.”



With his knack for putting together the intricate pieces of the puzzle, Gatewood was able to bring justice to the senior woman who had lost so much.



“He was indicted for theft over 30,000 dollars. We’re still following up on the investigation in the case that there are additional victims.”



Gatewood lives in Temple, but enjoy all of the activities that Belton has to offer. Behind the badge, he enjoys being outdoors and stays active in the community.



“The simple things about Belton are the best,” Gatewood said. “We live next to two lakes, where you can enjoy hiking and biking. I enjoy going on the hiking trails and am an avid obstacle course racer, so I like to go out and do Spartan races and tough mudders.”



He expressed his admiration for the police chief and stated how working in Belton has more of a family feel.



“The day that we hire you is the day that you become family,” Gatewood said. “There aren’t very many limitations. Our chief is very adamant about making sure that we achieve all of our goals. He walks us through the steps on how to get to where we want to be.”