Belton resident to appear on season 12 of The Voice

by / 0 Comments / 6495 View / March 1, 2017

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent

Belton resident Jay White will be appearing the season 12 of NBC’s The Voice, which began airing on February 27. White also had the chance to have his record with The Twilighters re-released on Milkcow Records this month. His original recording was released in 1967 by Mark VII Records from Waco.

“I negotiated with Milk Cow Records executives from the Netherlands for over a year, to get the project to fruition and to be able to see and enjoy the company of old friends in a semi-private setting as we celebrated the release. It was a satisfying and a genuine blessing in my life. I only regret that Ronnie Proctor was unable to attend,” said White.

White had a chance to reunite with original band members for the first time since the original release at a reception at Corona de Oro on Sunday night in Belton. Original band members were presented with the re-released album.

“The event was scheduled to reunite band members in order to renew our old friendships and bonds and to distribute copies of the recently released repressing of the original 45 of “I Need You” and the You-Tube hit “Nothing Can Bring Me Down” by Milkcow Records of The Netherlands,” said White. “Only band members and spouses were invited. However about two dozen local friends and fans turned out to support the “semi-private” event. It was wonderful! I hadn’t seen Barry Couch since 1969 and we all laughed, reminisced and enjoyed the bond and brotherhood that comes from music. David Constance, bassist and David Petty, guitarist, along with Richard Schrimsher, our original drummer still live in Belton. So we see each other a bit. In fact, Richard will be helping me on my next recording project.”

Barry Couch said, “As the youngest member of the Twilighter’s back in the day, I was honored to be invited to join the band and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of “stardom” and fellowship with the other members in the band. Jay White brought life and reality to the those of us who would strive to keep up and to play our parts when Jay was always out front to lead, promote and create. We are all proud of Jay’s accomplishments in all respects of his life’s journey and look forward to seeing this next chapter unfold as a contestant on The Voice.”

“As far as The Voice, I am a cast member on the upcoming season which kicks off on NBC February 27. I’m not sure when my episode will air, but show producers have said I’ll be getting three days notice in advance of the air date. I can’t say much other than the experience has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing as it impacts my life and my career,” said White “Everyone I met, from cast members to production staff including drivers, handlers, crew members and all are among the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

David Petty said, “I had a great time at the re-release party! So happy for Jay! As one of the original “Twilighters”, it was good to see all the “old guys” all back together for an evening of “remembering when.” I was fortunate to be able to accompany Jay to San Marcos when he recorded his CD and was so impressed with his abilities! I’m really glad he’s getting the opportunity to showcase all of his musical talents on The Voice. Jay’s Christian faith has led him throughout this journey, and I have no doubt, will continue to do so. I wish him only the best.”

“The early years of the Twilighters, we always played by ear, no music reading as far as I know. Our first gig was the Belton Lion’s Club Minstrel show. We started playing gigs at the “Teenage Canteen” (the building is currently City of Belton Utilities Department ),” said David Constance, bassist.