Belton Rocks: bringing our community together

by / 0 Comments / 537 View / June 28, 2017

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor


Unless you’ve been living under one, finding uniquely painted rocks around Belton has become a hobby and an adventure for many of our residents. Residents of all ages have come together to gather rocks, paint them with their own designs and hide them throughout Belton for others to find. We may need to acquire more land in Belton if this keeps up!

Chance Bostick, a graduate of Belton High School, was on a family trip in Washington when he found a painted rock while on a hike with his family. Upon picking it up, he noticed that the rock had “Port Angeles Rocks Facebook Page. Keep or rehide me” written on the back of it.

That’s just the beginning of how Belton Rocks all got started.


“We rehid the rock we found, but talked about the rock for the rest of the trip,” said Kayla Bostick. “I fell in love with the idea and wanted to bring it back to Belton, thus the creation of Belton Rocks being born! I and a friend painted three rocks and hid them around town but I was leaving to go back to college, so nothing really happened with it. This summer I wanted to try again and kick started the group and painting again in May. In about four weeks now our group has grown from 4 members to 1,800!”

Many of our Belton families have become active in painting, hiding and finding the rocks. It gives families the chance to explore our city and to spend quality time together.

“AJ and I use it as a time of adventure and getting out and about in our lovely little town,” said Belton resident Robert Gatewood. “We get to explore, see the history of downtown and genuinely enjoy just father-daughter time together. It’s far greater a time of bonding together as we search for hidden treasures (rocks).”


Others have seen the activity bring our community together in a positive manner.

“Why do people hunt and hide rocks? I actually think this whole phenomenon highlights why Belton is one of the greatest places to live,” said Deanna Bruce Lovesmith. “We still have a sense of community. We have found a way to take time out of our lives to do something together. To have fun with one another. To build a sense of togetherness. And it all starts with a rock.”

Bostick would like for this to become a traditon in Belton and invites residents to join their Belton Rocks Facebook page for more information.

“If anyone wants to join our page, they can go to Belton Rocks on Facebook,” said Bostick. “If they find a rock while out and about they may keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find. If they do find one we’d like to ask for them to post it on the page as the painter likes to see what happened to it. Anyone is welcome to paint, we just ask them to write on the back of the rock the group name so people know what to do with the rock when they find it.”

Belton Rocks will be at Walmart this Saturday from noon until 2 p.m. for anyone who would like to paint rocks. They will be supplying a table, paint and brushes. You just need to show up, invite your friends and bring a rock.