Belton schools host open houses to prepare students for classes

by / 0 Comments / 111 View / September 6, 2015

By Caleb Mynett, The Belton Journal

With the school year starting for the Belton Independent School District (BISD) on Monday, 10,551 kids of all ages entered their classrooms for the beginning of another school year. During the week preceding school starting, however, elementary kids in BISD get the opportunity to see their classrooms and teachers to get excited for the opening of the school year.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, kids of younger ages had the opportunity to attend the annual Open Houses at their respective elementary schools as well as the Belton Early Childhood School. While “excited” and “school” have opposite meanings in the vocabulary of a typical elementary kid, there is still lots to be excited for in relation to the upcoming school year. Despite the groans of kids, they were eager to see their friends, and the adults were ecstatic.

“The thing I’m most excited for, that’s specific to our campus, is all the new kids that we have this year, as parents begin to try this school more,” said Sue Banfield, second year Principal of Belton Early Childhood School. “Last year we ended the year with 357 students, and that’s with lots of people transferring in. This year, we are starting off at 310, so we will more than likely end the school year with a bit more than last year.”

When asked, Randy Pittenger, President of the School Board, gave a similar answer.

“I’m always excited for how many new kids are going to come to school. Since this a steadily growing community, we have all sorts of new kids coming in from other areas. It’s great to see all the news faces and friendships made, especially in our Early Childhood School and our many elementary schools. It’s just great to see how many kids are going to come out to school and learn,” said Pittenger.

Giving kids the opportunity to meet their teachers is important, and though children said that they were dreading the start of school, the feeling in the buildings was electric. Kids and parents alike were anxious to meet their various teachers, take care of their dues, and get a real feel of how the 2015-2016 school year would treat them. Open Houses are the pre-season of the school year, and it gives families a real feeling of what they’ll be dealing with in the upcoming year. With excitement and electricity in the air, it’s evident that another great school year in Belton is ahead.