Belton Skyline: building community among businesses

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By Heather Regula, Correspondent



The Belton Chamber of Commerce participated in a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the Belton Skyline building on Lake Road, on Thursday, June 28. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the building took place at 4 p.m., with many of the tenant businesses in attendance, and individual business ribbon-cutting ceremonies took place in the two hours afterward. Drinks and snacks were available throughout the building, and Kona Ice of Central Bell County was on site offering free Kona Ice to attendees.



The one-of-a-kind three-story commercial building houses nine businesses and an extensive collaborative workspace on the second floor, known as Collaborate.



“The Collaborate area has approximately 20 openings for individual workspace. It’s ideal for a freelancer or a start-up business as it operates as a co-op – businesses share bathrooms, a kitchen, conference rooms, and internet, among other things,” explained Belton Developer and City Councilman David Leigh. “In the digital age that we live in, this space allows for some collaboration and personal contact. It’s a great community-building space.”


Team Lead Rachel Holman leads an enthusiastic group of listing and home purchasing specialists. Magnolia Realty, a boutique real estate company, occupies five Executive Suites on the second floor of Skyline Belton.


Stephanie Covington, Business Manager for Shine Branch, has her office space set up in one of the desks in the Collaborate area.



“This shared, co-working space is everything you need in an office space. It’s kind of like a gym membership, but for office space! We have two different levels of association, and we are excited to bring something like this to Belton,” remarked Covington. “The Drifter is our basic-level membership – it includes access to an open seat in our shared workspace and business hour building access. The Drifter is ideal for remote and part-time workers. The Local is our premium shared space membership that includes a dedicated desk with private storage and 24/7 building access. The Local membership is ideal for everyday use.”



Anyone interested in the Collaborate space can visit for more information.


The open Collaborate space, is ideal for freelancers or start-up businesses needing a space to work in, without huge overhead costs. Collaborate offers two levels of membership and access to restrooms, a kitchen, and conference rooms, among other things.


The entire third floor of Belton Skyline is taken up by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, the Wood Group. The second floor has the Collaborate space and office suites.



Rachel Holman, Team Leader for Magnolia Realty, heads up an enthusiastic and caring group of listing and home purchasing specialists.



“Magnolia Realty moved into Belton Skyline around March or April, and we are using five of the Executive Suites on the second floor,” stated Holman. “We are a boutique real estate company, and this space fits our needs perfectly! The building offers a lot, and the location is convenient.”