Belton Small Animal Clinic holds open house to debut renovations

by / 0 Comments / 99 View / June 3, 2018

By Chanel Snapp, Correspondent



The welcoming feeling of family, friends, and kindness is the first thing you notice when you walk through the doors of Belton Small Animal Clinic. The clinic has been around for many years serving Belton and surrounding areas and strives to ensure that each one of our extended family members is taken care of with the best care possible. Services offered at the clinic range from wellness care, vaccinations, surgery, spay and neutering, dermatology, and emergency care to name a few. The staff is trained to care for small animals and welcomes all clients, new and old, to the clinic. 



The clinic was originally built in the 1980s with only one veterinarian, and has since found that the need to grow is inevitable. The clinic space became too small to accommodate the health and wellness of small animals in the area.



“With the community growing, the pet population is growing as well, and we are here to serve them in a more sufficient manor,” Dr. Linda Hankins, veterinarian at Belton Small Animal Clinic, said. “We began renovations of the clinic in July of last year and have added 3,200 square feet.”


Many community members attended the open house and were excited to see all of the new renovations.


The extra space is needed to allow up to five veterinarians the space to work and care for animals in need. New equipment and office space is now available and allows the team to work efficiently utilizing the much-needed additions.



On Saturday, May 19, Belton Small Animal Clinic hosted an Open House for the public as a way to say thank you. Many people around the community attended the event and were instantly welcomed the minute they stepped through the front door. Door prizes were given away and tours of the new facility were offered. Guests were able to see the new equipment and become familiar with the variety of services offered. The tours were educational and staff did a fantastic job of explaining services and the importance of certain tests, surgery equipment, etc. Food trucks and cake were available outside for guests to enjoy on a nice summer day. The event brought old and new clients together to discuss the remodel and become familiar with important services that are available for small animals. Overall, the Open House was a great success and brought the community together while reminding us how important it is to take care of our furry friends.