Belton Walmart sets lofty goal for CMN charities

by / 0 Comments / 134 View / October 12, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor



Associates at Belton Walmart have been spending the month of September earning funds to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network. Store #1232 on the Chisholm Trail endeavors to donate $14,000 to the network with all the donations staying in Bell County where the monies will benefit the patients and their families at McLane’s Children’s Hospital in Temple.



Using some creative measures the Associates are putting together fundraisers such as meals, auctions, drawings and even utilizing characters in inflated costumes to solicit donations. Don’t be surprised if you meet a giant baby boy or baby girl or even a T-Rex during your shopping experiences. Inside these costumes are associates who have volunteered to wear the costumes for a certain period of time in order to gain donations.



There may even be an associate dressed in a colorful ballet tutu and wearing a crown to meet you. You may also meet a few “jail birds” who are “incarcerated” in a make-shift jail and must remain there for a certain period of time or until ample donations have been garnered. Associates have donated food items for the meals such as breakfasts, taco salads, spaghetti meals, cakes, and even two complete Asian meal buffets cooked by associates and their families. 



Recently family members of the associates have even given of their time and talents to help earn donations. Teen-age sons and daughters have helped by aiding in “slime” making activities and other art forums that parents can enroll their children in. They have also volunteered to wear one of the inflatable costumes and be “thrown in jail” to assist the efforts. On Saturday, September 22nd, local musician Jay White surrendered to the Walmart Police to do a stint in the jail while accepting donations for his singing and guitar playing serenades.