Belton will begin road repairs in April

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By David Tuma, Publisher


Starting the second week in April, the City of Belton will begin road repairs in certain areas of town. This week they will be sending out letters to residents along those streets. These repairs are part of an ongoing project in the final year or a five year program. Cost is estimated at just over $550,000.



City representatives will be going door-to-door to speak with residents along the repair route. “It gives one-on-one interaction with our residents. We try to work with trash pickup. Sometimes we get questions concerning sidewalks or water pressure,” said Angellia Points Public Works Director.



There will be asphalt overlays along Terra Alta Drive and 7th Street between Wells and Blair, Comay, Center, Neal and Chery Streets.



“This is the final year of a 5-year plan,” said Points.



This year the city will develop a plan for future street repairs. They will have one employee go over every street in the city developing a street repair plan. This will take around six months. Each street will be graded and rated during this process.



The East Street project is in the design phase. It is hoped to have the sidewalks and street repairs completed this year.



City crews were working at the flood control area below The Gin. After each heavy rain erosion was created along the cement protection wall. Some of the large stones put in place to create a gathering area along Nolan Creek were sinking. City crews brought in more rocks and extended the flat rock portion of the area. Cost of the rocks was $20,000. They will mortar the rocks together to help prevent erosion.



The area is flooded with visitors throughout the year. Kind of a local tourist attraction that brings thousands of people a month to visit Belton.



“The idea is to reduce erosion. When completed it will create more area for residents to enjoy. When we completed Nolan Creek project there was a noticeable change in visits,” said Paul Romer, Public Relations Officer.