Belton wins district title with 2-0 win

by / 0 Comments / 142 View / March 25, 2015

By David Tuma, Publisher

Belton capped another soccer district championship, their eighth in the past 10 seasons, at Wilson-Kerzee Tuesday night crushing Midway with shot after shot on goal. It was more than a 2-0 win.

In the first half Belton rattled Midway early with multiple point blank shots on goal and finally got a goal late in the first half. The Tigers seemed to be everywhere with Midway struggling to move the ball past midfield.

It was Belton’s multiple passes, the anticipation of each other, which created attack after attack on Midway’s goal. The cards began to fly later in the game with an outmatched Midway team going physical.

Both Midway and Belton are top soccer programs and over the past 10 seasons the Tigers have faced some impressive teams from Midway and A&M Consolidated in district play. Last night’s first half performance was arguably the best half of soccer the Tigers have played in the past ten seasons, in district.

Midway’s goalie kept the game from being 4-0 at half. He made multiple big time saves on point blank shots off of pin-point passes. Belton is very, very good and a different team from the first half of district play. They flowed, and in soccer that is devastating. At the high school level, no matter how good you are, they’re hard to stop. Midway is a great team but Belton’s, flow, was at a very different level.

Brandon Coulter had a stop early. Blake Odell driving with the ball was called off sides at 37:22. Coulter had another stop, passed to Tyler Mclean who set up Ryan Diaz at 35:49.  Odell with a header gets a steal, strikes a crossing pass for the first point blank shot of the game at 34:52. Coulter’s shot was blocked. Odell had a shot in the box blocked, the ball slowly rolls just outside the goal setting up a corner. Odell stopped a flip pass by a Midway player trying to flip it past him, with his head. This steal by Odell set up two point blank shots on goal.

Chris Noble made a good stop off a long free kick. Diaz off a steal passes to McLean who passes back to Diaz for a great shot on goal. Midway’s goalie got his finger just on the ball to deflect it. Brandon Salgado makes his first key stop on defense.

Odell from 12-yards just misses at 29:12. McLean’s shot was block setting up a free kick at the top of the box. Mclean gets the rebound off the free kick and rams it in from 22-yards out to make it 1-0 with 25:53 left. Austin Hagen almost scores. Belton’s midfield play the first 15-minutes was devastatingly dominating.

McLean to Odell to Diaz for a missed shot after beating the goalie at 22:37, it was one of those shots they need to convert in the playoffs. Jacob Bell sets up a corner at 10:32. McLean’s header was just wide at 5:16 and Noble blocks Midway’s shot on goal at 2:14. Noble came out of the goal to block the shot.

Tyler Fisher had a stop on defense to start the second half. Bell racing to the goal was tackled from behind with the Tigers, soccer savvy crowd, going nuts with the non-penalty kick call. Bell was rolled up from behind with the ball not touched by the Midway defender who was behind Bell.

It was a well-called game with players not getting the call on side hits or pulls or grabs, rolled up from behind is a different story.

Diaz set up Coulter for a shot and Bell gets his goal at 26:19 to put the game out of reach at 2-0.

Belton sets up two corner kicks at the 23-minute mark. Salgado takes his second hard body shot making a key stop on defense and was slow to get up. Diaz hits the top post and the ball goes straight down but not in the goal at 6:43.

Belton hosts Heights at home Tuesday. They were slightly winded in the second half, but still were able to control the game.

“This is a much more balanced team than we have had in the past. We are a different team the second half of district. This team doesn’t have the one superstar but they are very good. This isn’t a one-man show and they have worked very hard on the combination passes. They are very good,” said Cizo Mosnia.