Belton woman turns 100 years old, surrounded by loved ones

by / 0 Comments / 94 View / February 25, 2017

By Danielle Tyler-Wellborn, Correspondent

Zell Copeland was surrounded by 53 friends and family members Saturday, February 11th, as she celebrated her 100th birthday. The party was held at First Baptist Church on Main Street, where Copeland is a member. She sat in the center of the room as relatives and friends came by to visit and wish her a happy birthday.

“This is a wonderful time. I have three daughters, and I’ve started to lose count on how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren I have been blessed with, but it’s nice to have them all here together,” said Copeland.

Her youngest daughter, Carolyn, put the party together. She wanted to do something special for her mother’s big day. “I put announcements in all the local papers, and I just wanted to put something special together for her,” said Copeland.

Dell’s friend, Alta Kamp, 97, sat by her side in the middle of the room. “We’ve been friends for 25 years, and we have been going to Sunday school together here at First Baptist for a very long time. And now we’re friends on Facebook, “ said Kamp.

Lora, Mike, Clayton, and Leila Ashford, along with Leah Craft, were there to celebrate Zell’s big day. “Leila is a 5th generation baby for Zell. We just wanted to come help her celebrate,” said Mike Ashford, one of Zell’s grandsons.

Zell’s Hair dresser of 25 years was at the party. “She is just such a jewel. She is a wonderful woman, and she has lived a fascinating life. She is a modest lady, but she is full of amazing stories,” said Janice McAfee.

Zell has not let her age keep her from doing things she loves, like painting. “She says that sometimes when she can’t sleep at 3 in the morning or something she just goes down there and starts painting. She paints beautiful portraits,” said McAfee