Beltonians take plunge into inner-city

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Published Aug. 7, 2014

By Ashley Corn

The Belton Journal A group of people from Belton Church of Christ recently participated in the Dallas Urban Plunge. During the weekend, the group visited several ministries where they fed the homeless, clothed the poor, and offered their words of faith to those who needed it. Urban Plunge provides an opportunity for groups to leave the comfort of home and safety of their small towns, and ‘plunge’ into the inner-city where they discover how they can join alongside other ministries to help meet the needs of the less fortunate. The objective is not to have a “tour of poverty,” but to help participants grasp how they can use their talents and passions to assist a social-service agency, or even start something similar in their own hometown. “My experience was fantastic. It created opportunities for our students to get to see what they can do for the homeless community, which is something not too often seen in Belton,” Leland Sawyer, a youth group minister said. “They came back home with everything they learned and are now capable of spreading the word and helping the less fortunate in our own town.” The Urban Plunge has two visions: First, to encourage more volunteering from local organizations to help serve the less fortunate. Second, to engage followers of Christ to “move out of their seats and into the streets.” The Plunge does not start a new ministry, but rather comes together with existing local organizations to plant the seed and passion for ministry and social action among its participants. Katie Chiaramonte, a youth director from Des Moines, Iowa had very positive feedback from her past Plunge experience. “I saw our students lay hands on filthy men, serve boxes of food to young families, and talk and laugh with people who they would normally be told to stay away from. I saw Jesus in our students that weekend. I don’t think anyone left as the same person they were when they arrived.” For more information on Urban Plunge visit If you have specific questions you would like answered that aren’t on the website, send an email to