Belton/Temple Chambers establish new relationship in effort to build up both communities

by / 0 Comments / 348 View / April 4, 2016

Special to the Journal

Representatives of the Temple and Belton Chambers of Commerce jointly announced the approval of a collaboration agreement, the first steps in establishing a new relationship to work together to foster and enhance greater cooperation between the two business organizations. “We already enjoy a great relationship, having similar goals and objectives,” noted Belton Chamber President, Mark Arrazola. “The collaboration formalizes our intent and establishes a framework for doing so.” Temple Chamber President, Rod Henry, agreed that the leadership from both boards wanted to ensure this collaboration would in no way diminish the distinctive characteristics of each city, or their organizations.

Henry also stated that, “both communities are very proud of the quality of life and business environment we offer and this agreement will help us identify and pursue additional opportunities where collaboration produces a win not only for our communities, but for central Texas” Gary Schmidt, Chair of the Board of the Temple Chamber, summarized the collaboration, “there is so much crossover among our residents, businesses and ultimately our chamber members. It makes perfect sense that the Chambers of Commerce, the primary advocates for business in our communities, should provide the support and leadership that guarantees an ongoing positive dialog and spirit of cooperation between our cities.”

“As a general rule, what is good for one is good for the other,” explained Bradley Sheppard, Chair of the Board for the Belton Chamber. “This is true at the personal level, for the citizens of each city, and for the businesses that call Temple and Belton home. The two Chambers recognize this dynamic and are committed to making an intentional cooperative effort to better serve our shared business community.” Rod Henry cited that the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Communities Survey identified Bell County as the 14th fastest growing county in Texas. He also added, “the business friendly environment promoted by the Temple and Belton Chambers has played a significant role in this growth, but we can’t take any of this for granted. While communities across the State of Texas are vying for business of all size, the geographical and economic advantages we collectively offer will continue to play a key role in their selection of Temple and Belton, making us almost unbeatable.”