Betties beat Sirens 244-198

by / 0 Comments / 67 View / March 30, 2015

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The home opener for the CenTex RollerGirls was truly another classic in their third installment of the battle between the Sirens and the Brutal Betties.

The Betties recovered from a 13-point halftime deficit and rallied to outscore the Sirens 129-70 in the second half to win the bout 244-198.

With both teams skating shorthanded with seven skaters each, the Sirens jumped to an early lead with early, high-grossing jams from Annie Oops, La Muerte Verde and Rain Gut-Her.
Zee, Sin D. Pop-Her, Mauleficient, Bacon Envy, Bockscar Bambi and Vicious Cycle methodically jammed the Betties back into the bout and took a 115-111 lead with 70 seconds left in the first half. The Sirens collected 17 points on the final jam of the first half to go up 128-115 at halftime.

Following a short skating demonstration from the CenTex Junior RollerGirls, the Betties came on fire. Great dual walls of defense by Zee and Sin D. PopHer, supported by Taco and Mad D, stymied the Sirens jammers. The Sirens’ GLT-Y, Trixie Whiplash, Miami Ana-Mosity and Severus Snap found resistance from the Betties defense often in the second half, while Zee executed several star passes that helped the Betties increase their lead. The star pass is when a jammer passes their jammer star cover to another skater that may be in a better position to collect points.

The bout was a success for both teams, as not only the seasoned skaters found what worked for them and their teammates, but it gave the newer skaters some insight on what they could do better.

“I was really happy with all of the skaters tonight,” Zee said, who is the head coach of the H.O.T. All-Stars when not skating for the Brutal Betties. “Our league has really grown and we have amazing skaters.”

“We saw many of our skaters do a great job,” Mental Case said. “I was happy with Miami Ana-Mosity on defense. She blocked and skated really well.”