Photo by Nikki Velarde

BHS seniors receive recognition, scholarships

by / 0 Comments / 137 View / May 21, 2015

By Nikki Velarde, The Belton Journal

Belton High School recognized their students of excellence Monday evening with a Scholarship Ceremony at the BHS Performing Arts Center.

B.E.E.F. (Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation) scholarships as well as various local, community, and national scholarships were awarded to Belton Seniors during the ceremony.

In total, 117 scholarships were given to students, equaling $90,150 in order to further their education upon completing high school.

Belton New Tech High School will have their scholarship ceremony Tuesday, June 2. B.E.E.F. will award 15 more scholarships to these students totaling $14,500.

In summation, B.E.E.F. is awarding 132 scholarships worth a total of $104,650 for college, which is a 10 percent increase over last year, said B.E.E.F. Administrator Judy Owens.

B.E.E.F. was founded in 1992 as an independent, nonprofit corporation established by friends of BISD. The foundation’s purpose is to enhance the quality of education for all students in the Belton school district.

It is governed by a Board of Directors who oversee an endowment fund that will provide an ongoing source of funding to enhance the opportunities for both students and staff of BISD.

“Tonight is a great representation of people who honor their family or friends” through a scholarship, said Randy Pittenger, BISD Board of Trustees President.

“It’s good to know the impact these people had on their schools and their communities,” said Owens. “That’s why we have scholarships in their name to honor them and their legacy.”

“Thank you for making this an extraordinary community,” said Pittenger. “Thank you for supporting our students. Thank you for making this a great place for our students to succeed. Students, we are investing in you, and we are doing that because we have great confidence that you can change the world and do great things. Make us proud and remember wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll always be Belton Tigers.”