BHS Track sweeps at Temple Invitational

by / 0 Comments / 128 View / March 26, 2015

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The Belton Tigers and Lady Tigers track and field program traveled to Wildcat Stadium last Friday with hopes to perform well and take home some hardware.

They accomplished exactly that. In fact, in all five divisions, Belton took first place.

The boys’ varsity team finished first with 192 points, 45.33 points better than Temple and 105 points better than Copperas Cove.
The boys’ junior varsity team finished with 190 points, 24 points better than Copperas Cove and 91 points better than Temple.
The boys’ freshman team finished with 208 points, 56.50 points better than Copperas Cove and 119.50 points better than Temple.
The girls’ varsity team finished with 152.20 points, 13.80 points better than Round Rock Stony Point and 46.60 points better than Cedar Park.

Here are the varsity team’s top finishers by event for the Tigers and Lady Tigers:
Girls’ 3200-Meter run: Brooke Gilmore (first place, 11:20), Carrie Wehmeyer (fourth place, 12:01) and Alex Simmone (fifth place, 12:54).
Boys’ 3200-Meter run: Matt Perez (first place, 10:28.71), Morgan Miller (fourth place, 10:33.01) and Logan Zwerneman (fifth place, 10:38.81).
Girls’ 4 x 100-Meter Relay: Belton (relay team of Destiny Thompkins, Crystal Rosales, Jade Smith and McKenna Thompson) fifth place, 50.67.
Boys’ 4 x 100-Meter Relay: Belton (relay team of Demetric Brandon, DJ Tolbert, Bradley Wheeler and Willari Watson) fourth place, 43.41.
Girls’ 800-Meter Run: Wehmeyer (fourth place, 2:34.47).
Boys’ 800-Meter Run: Isaac Rodriguez (third place, 2:05.54) and Soren San Miguel (fourth place, 2:05.57).
Girls’ 100-Meter Hurdles: Kaylee Krenek (first place, 14.24), Courtney Altenburg (fifth place, 17.34) and Annmarie Herrera (sixth place, 17.56).
Boys’ 110-Meter Hurdles: Will Watson (first place, 14.82).
Girls’ 100-Meter Dash: Thompkins (fifth place, 13.23).
Boys’ 100-Meter Dash: Calvin Johnson III (fourth place. 11.16).
Girls’ 4 x 200-Meter Relay: Belton (team of Thompkins, Thompson, Rosales and Sarah Martinez) fourth place, 1:49.53.
Boys’ 4 x 200-Meter Relay: Belton (team of Brandon, Will Watson, Olajuwon Taylor and Anthony Mirabel) third place, 1:30.65.
Girls’ 400-Meter Dash: Khallyl Hodges (first place, 1:01.92) and Martinez (fourth place, 1:03.68).
Boys’ 400-Meter Dash: Garrison Vaughn (second place, 52.56) and Rodriguez (third place, 52.89).
Girls’ 300-Meter Hurdles: Krenek (first place, 45.11), Jamie Brown (fourth place, 49.49) and Herrera (fifth place, 50.54).
Boys’ 300-Meter Hurdles: Will Watson (first place, 38.65).
Girls’ 200-Meter Dash: Jade Bogan (fifth place, 27.46) and Jade Smith (sixth place, 27.53).
Boys’ 200-Meter Dash: Johnson (sixth place, 22.49).
Girls’ 1600-Meter Run: Gilmore (first place, 5:25.34) and Simmone (third place, 6:01.89).
Boys’ 1600-Meter Run: Zwerneman (first place, 4:40.92), Perez (second place, 4:42.56) and Miller (fourth place, 4:50.10).
Girls’ 4 x 400-Meter Relay: Belton (relay team of Krenek, Hodges, Thompson and Brown) second place, 4:10.60.
Boys’ 4 x 400-Meter Relay: Belton (relay team of Johnson, Mirabel, Vaughn and San Miguel) second place, 3:29.79.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers will be in action at the Cove Invitational on March 26.