BISD HS bond issue important ballot item (Part 1)

by / 0 Comments / 224 View / April 20, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

There will not be just one high school for Belton in the future. That remaining the case is very unlikely. The Belton Independent School District has too much land. In retrospect, they should not have cooperated with the Temple Independent School District acquiring land in what is now West Temple right after the civil rights movement.

Belton residents have spent heavily in Temple. West Temple has spent dollars for the new field house, massive Belton High School improvements, a brand new middle school and many other things. The City of Belton has had thousands and thousands of residents visit daily for years, because of Belton High School. They spent money here and Belton benefited.

The student capacity of Belton High School is around 3,500. This includes a 2,600-student capacity at BHS and a student capacity of around 900 at the BHS9 center. What it does not include is the 500-student capacity of Belton New Tech @ Waskow. Taking into account of the 3,500-student capacity between the high school campus and 500-student capacity at the BNT@W campus, the combined capacity of Belton High School is around 4,000 students. The current enrollment at Belton High School, removing the 500 students of the BNT@W campus, is around 2,700 students.

“Belton ISD is a fast growth school district,” Belton ISD superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon said. “By 2025, we’ll have more than 14,000 students.”

The proposed bond issue is to divide the district up 50-50. There are many ways a new high school could have been developed. A 50-50 split was what was best for BISD and students. By combining Morgan’s Point Resort and West Temple, BISD has a chance to get a $121.6-million dollar high school approved at the intersection of FM 317 and FM 2483.